Ricky Joe Brown (Malden, MO)

On the day of Brown's disappearance, June 27, 2019, his home in Malden, Missouri caught fire as a result of a lightning strike and was severely damaged, and he was distraught about it. Friends and family stayed with him throughout the day and offered to let him stay their homes, but he refused.

Brown was last seen at 7:00 p.m., when he went to see a friend who lived around the corner. Brown's friend wasn't home but his wife was, and Brown told his friend's wife that his father had been playing tricks on him. (In fact, Brown's father had been deceased for decades.) She told him to go back home and that her husband would visit after he arrived home.

An hour later, Brown's friend and his wife went over to his house and he was gone. His truck was at the house, unlocked, with his eyeglasses, medicine, hat and cigarettes inside it. His cellular phone was on a chair by the patio. Brown has never been heard from again. His case remains unsolved. ~The Charley Project