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Meet The Team


Dave Wilson-CoFounder

David Wilson is our President & Police Liaison. He also helps with flyers, research, search, public relations. 


Teresa Wilson- CoFounder

Teresa Wilson- aka Tee Mac is our Vice President. She also helps with flyers, research, family care. 


Carrie Windsor- Founder

Carrie Windsor is our Secretary and Treasurer. She also helps with research, flyers, search, and helps keep the website updated. 



We are in need of fundraising committee volunteers!


Social media specialist needed! 

We are in need of a social media specialist. If interested, please visit the become a volunteer tab.

Region Managers/PI


Christi Patterson

Christi is our Iowa Advocate


Lisa Marie Giambelluca

Lisa Giambelluca is our Nevada Advocate


Julia Fitchett

Julia is our Virginia Advocate


Private Investigator

Our private investigator's name is not shared. He remains private for obvious reasons.

Podcast Team


Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn does Sunday's With Sherry. She interviews victims of domestic violence. 
Sherry's friend Melissa Chapman was murdered by her alleged abuser. She is doing Sunday's with Sherry so she can help others in similar situations who just may not know how to escape. Sherry has her Social Work degree and plans to use it to help others. 
 Be sure to tune on every Sunday at 7pm Central!


Lisa Giabelluca

Lisa will be interviewing families of the missing. She is studying Criminal Justice and has decided she wants to use her degree to help the missing.

She will also be giving weekly updates on current cases. 

Lisa also helps Sherry as she herself is a victim of domestic abuse. 
We will update as we get her scheduled set. 


Julia Fitchett

Julia will be helping interview families of the missing. She has been an advocate for some time and wants to help bring more awareness to the missing.  
We will update as we get her scheduled set. 

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