Aubrey Dameron (Grove, OK)

Dameron was last seen walking away from her mother's residence off 280 Road north of Grove, Oklahoma at 3:00 a.m. on March 9, 2019. She had messaged several people on Facebook asking for a ride from her mother's home, but no one responded. She has never been heard from again and it's unclear whether anyone picked her up. She left home without her cellular phone, her purse or medication.

She had been living with her former boyfriend, Jay C. Pierson, in New Mexico, but left on August 18 and moved back to her family in Oklahoma to get help for her alcoholism and drug abuse. Pierson then moved to Colorado. Dameron disappeared six months later.

Deanette Rowbotham, a former close friend of Dameron's, called Dameron's former boyfriend in Colorado, Jay C. Pierson, on March 12 and said that Dameron was being held against her will in Ketchum, Oklahoma for drug money owed. Rowbotham said that if Dameron's captors didn't get the money they wanted, they were going to kill Dameron. She asked Pierson for money and said she'd contribute some of her own to help get Dameron released.

When the police interviewed Rowbotham about what she'd told Pierson, she admitted her claim of kidnapping and ransom was untrue and was charged with extorting money from Pierson. A photo of her is posted with this case summary. When authorities asked Rowbotham what she thought had really happened to Dameron, she said she didn't think Dameron was really missing or that her parents really didn't know her whereabouts.

Police also got a lead that Dameron's mother's boyfriend had said he had killed her, but they have been unable to confirm this story and haven't named any suspects in her disappearance. Because of her transgender identity and the fact that it's uncharacteristic of her to be out of touch with her family, she's considered to be at risk. Her case remains unsolved. ~The Charley Project