Glenn Calvin Williams (Jayess)

Glenn Williams, from Foxworth in Marion County, wandered into Lawrence County on a day trip with then-girlfriend Patricia Dickerson. According to investigators, Dickerson admitted she and Williams had taken drugs on the ride.

At some point the couple ended up on Felix-Sartin Road and got into argument. Glenn got out of the car, got onto the car, fell off the car, was hit by the car or some combination of those events that ended with him allegedly running off, into the woods, and a frustrated Dickerson leaving him behind.

Patricia told interviewers in August 2015 Williams suffered from bi-polar disorder and had hallucinations.

Glenncalled 911 three times and told dispatchers he needed help, asking them to send an ambulance. But no ambulance was sent because he didn’t know where he was. The call originally went to Walthall County, but was bounced back to Marion County. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office ultimately ended up with the case because Glenns’ location was determined to be inside the county line.

He was never found. Foul play is suspected.

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