Andrea "Angie" Acton (Clarksburg, WV)

Andrea Acton, better known as Angie, last contacted family for financial assistance i July of 2018. She was suppose to call family back later in the day to find out when and where to pick the money up, but never made that second call. She has undiagnosed mental illness. We need help finding her please.She is originally from Port Jervis , NY. Has lived in Indiana and Colorado, and had brief stays in other states. She was last known to be in the Clarksburg, West Virginia area in 2018. She tends to return to stay close to that area or would travel back home to NY or to North Carolina once to see family 5 years ago. Please help us find. Help us to get her picture out there so someone might take her missing person case seriously! The police officer who took the report told me posting on social media is the best chance we have of finding her!